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Americas Army Hacks » Americas Army Hack - Undetected uNrEaL BoT v4 [ ]
Americas Army Hack - Undetected uNrEaL BoT v4 [ ]

Please note: This hack uses different methods then most conventional hacks. I did not test my new methods too much, it worked, and that's all I needed to be sure of. If the game crashes, just close it down, and restart it. You'll be fine. I'll probably release an update with the fixed version, if there is a problem. With my new method, you will lose no FPS, when using the Pickup ESP, or Projectile ESP. Pretty nice, eh?

How to use:

1) Extract the archive.
2) Run "uNrEaL BoT v4.exe - Public Version.exe"
3) Launch America's Army.
4) Wait for the signal to inject, "America's Army Found, Press Inject."
5) Press Inject


HOME - Toggles Menu
Left Mouse Button - Toggles Options, changes, etc.

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